Our company

AVISA was established on November 23, 1989. Figure inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Las Palmas, folio 119 of the volume General of Societies 711, nº 440, section 3ª, sheet nº 8,288 and inscription 1ª.

CIF: A35233337

The mission

Make known the benefits of the Aloe Vera plant and help consumers to access them.

Create value for Clients, Suppliers, Partners and the Community in general.

The vision

Achieve business excellence, turn the company into an exemplary organization and that is so perceived by all people who relate to it: staff, suppliers, customers, public institutions and financial institutions, which is concreted in obtaining:

The maximum quality of the products that are manufactured.

The highest level of satisfaction of customers and suppliers.

The highest level of staff satisfaction.

The principles

Quality and continuous improvement.

Specialized human resources.

Technological innovation.

Ethics and Transparency.

Commitment to the Environment.

Social Commitment